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Today we review the Build My Online Store podcast.I LOVE the intro. Lots of energy, and it gets me going. Terry has some decent energy, and has someone who sells condoms online. I was like, “What?” So I was intrigued.

The show started out with a poll. This was confusing to me. He stated the poll, he stated the answers, but to me it didn’t make sense. The answers didn’t seem to tie into the question. When I finally went out to this site, he was referring to an info graphic. I then could see what he was talking about, what I realized is I didn’t care about the question or the answer.

The show uses music from Austin Powers which technically is illegal.

When they get to the interview the audio is kind of choppy. This makes me think he was cutting out ums, etc but it makes a noticeable edit.

It does give a nice behind the scenes look of someone selling condoms online and how they began the store.

I did listen to more than one episode and found them all to give good information. If yuo are looking to learn about defining what a “good” product is, how to import from China, and other great input you should check it out.

Website Opinions

Their website is easy to navigate. Their menu system consists of About, Articles, and Podcast. My first impression seeing that is this person does not want to be contacted. I scroll down and see that they are using Podpress. That’s not good. Sure it’s working, but they are headed for a heartbreak. The podpress plugin has parts of it that refers to a company that went out of business in 2008. On the other hand I haven’t listened to a second of the podcast yet, and the average user doesn’t care what podcasting plugin they use. They just care that it works.

The website also states that if you have an android phone you have to listen on stitcher. I would recommend BeyondPod (a great app for android).

I DO like the fact that their website does not look like every other WordPress site. Each episode appears as a box. The bad news is instead of putting the title of the podcast, they are putting “Episode __.” To this I state, I don’t care what episode it is. If it’s episode 6, I’m not going “Oh great I’ve been waiting for six.” So instead of being able to make a decision on the TITLE, I can’t because the tile is cut off because you used valuable space on your website to promote the number of the podcast. You have the date on the image, that’s more than enough to help people identify the episode.

This also renders their “What’s popular” widget useless as it shows the title of the post (which again just shows the number of the episode number mainly).

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