Aprender Inglés con Reza y Craig

This podcast helps Spanish people  grow their grammar, vocalize their vocabulary & perfect their pronunciation. You can find it at www.inglespodcast.com, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Here are the things Craig is Doing Well:

inglespodcastLike the way you introduce both hosts
Like the way you set up the show and what is to come
I like the incorporation of listener audio
Start with positives then work to mistakes. Nobody like to be critiqued. Make it friendly.
Great use of links to previous episodes
Like the music transitions
I like the Spanish words next to the English words in the show notes

Here are some things that Craig Might Consider:

Reinforce the main topic through the episode
A few different calls-to-action with no valuable benefit. E-mail us, sign up and donate. Make me care.
Can’t find a link to purchase.
Make supporting you easier (use a PrettyLink).
Tie the Wind Up into topic of the show, or just set it up better.
Make purchasing your products easier (not so many clicking and searching)
Explain your Patreon account – Make me care first, then explain
Maybe sell transcriptions instead of donation

Under Ten Fitness: Back For More

Today Dave and Erik are joined by Drew from Under Ten Fitness. Drew was on a previous show and has come back with after tweaking his show.  He’s made some great strides.

Watch the Video of the recording:


Here are some of great things Drew is doing:

  • Getting right to the point
  • Great chemistry with his co-host for this episode (Britney)
  • Great energy in the opening.
  • We loved the way you made the audience feel like they were sitting in the chair next to you.
  • You built up the anticipation and kept the audience captivated

Here are some things you could work on:

  • Don’t say you name so fast people can’t hear it.
  • While getting to the point is great, you are almost getting their too fast. Maybe throw in a bit about your background so people understand why they should listen to you.
  • While it was great that there was only one call to action, potentially make it to your website instead of Facebook.
  • The show ends somewhat abruptly
  • Potentially add “Stay Motivated” as you sign off.


Here are some of great things Drew is doing:

  • Clean look and good branding
  • Lots of things on the front page without having to scroll down (and yet not cluttered).
  • Good overall sound of the podcast.
  • Great subscribe buttons on the front page
  • You can listen with a single click (you don’t have to look for a play button)

Here are some thing that you might consider changing:

  • (nit picky) Your vomume has room to be turned up a bit. You might look into adding a hard limiter on your master track in Audition.
  • You are placeing the 1400X1400 artwork inside your MP3 file. This can (seldomly) ause issues with your audio streaming on websites. Instead resize the image to 600X600. The 1400X1400 is for iTunes. The 600X600 goes inside your mp3.
  • You are using Podmatic and Feedburner. Neither are great choices. You can upgrade to the paid version of Podmatic to redirect your RSS feed to something you own.
  • On the Episode level, there are no subscribe buttons.
  • The autoplay on the about page is a bit of a no-no.
  • You are using your website host as your media host. While there are those that can pull this off, you are skating on dangerous ice. I recommend Libsyn.com or Blubrry.com You can get a free month at either service using the coupon sopfree.

Check out Drew’s Under Ten Fitness Podcast.

Available in iTunes

Available in Stitcher

Check out his Exercise videos on YouTube

Bear Arms Show

About the Bear Arms Show:

beararmsshowThe Bear Arms Show is your weekly source for 2nd Amendment news and commentary delivered in a fun, entertaining way. The focus is on efforts to protect, and restore, the right to keep and bear arms. Also featured are interviews with leaders and newsmakers in the 2nd Amendment community. The show is hosted by brothers, John and Michael Willett. They are veterans of the U.S Military and lifelong firearms enthusiasts. You can find them at www.beararmsshow.com/ and in iTunes and Stitcher.

The Good Parts:

The intro and outro along with some of the sound effects and production elements were great (Courtesy of Music Radio Creative). You both have great insights and experience with this topic. As brothers you have a natural chemistry. The website and the audio quality were fine. The branding with the bears is nice icing on the cake. Put that panda on a Tee Shirt!

Things That Could Be Tweaked:

It took you four minutes to introduce what was coming on the show.

You were missing the “Title” ID3 tag.

Work on your transitions. You don’t need to announce that you are transitioning, just transition.

Figure out what you want to say in each topic. Then once you’ve hit all our points, you just figure out how to transition into the next story.

In the case of the Gabby Gifford story, lead with the story then follow it up with your main points.

Inside the Jewelry Trade

Inside-the-jewelry-trade-290The Poddcast: Inside the Jewelry Trade (iTunes) (stitcher)
Website: http://fourgrainer.com/

This is a podcast designer for Jewlers on how to get more business. Its always kind of hard to get into the shoes of the listener (Jewlers) when you are not the target audience.


The intro was well produced, decent energy.

Nice use of humor and not taking yourself too seriously

Lots of time put into the show, very NPR type delivery.

Enjoyed the “changing watch batteries” stories.

Show has an amazing arc. (Why they are excited, what they like most, personal stories, forcasting, recap).

With all the clips, the volume never needed adjusted, and it flowed.

Simple call to action at the end

By asking for a donation, it adds personality to your podcast.

Thing that Might Need Tweaked

The intro promises a lot in the intro, that might lead to confusion

Give a tease as to what is coming on the show at the very beginning.

Not sure why Michelle was missing through most of the episode.

A trick for those doing clip shows. Let the setup and the clip over lap. It makes things keep flowing.

There was a time when it sounded a little “salesy” (which it is, a clip to get people to go to the show).

Website / Technical Thoughts:

Lost the ITJT at the beginning of your podcast posts. Put that at the end of the headline.

Lots of white space, very mobile friendly. Easy navigation

Easy to find contact information

The Audio quality was fine. This is great for the advanced style of production.

Tweaking Point For Website:

Confused by the Formula one cars.

Not sure what Four Grainer means (may be jewelry term)

Surprised there was very few pictures of Jewelry




Your Shows Intro

Today we go back and take a second look at the Gospel Light and Truth Crusade as Tony has put into action some of our suggestions. We talk about how you want your listener to understand what they are getting into, why they should listen, and what they can expect. Your music helps set the mood, and your delivery continues where the music stops and hands it off to the host.

Music Radio Creative is a great resource for those who just want to talk to a professional, give them their idea, and have them do it. They can help you get your script into shape from a marketing aspect, and then they have some of the best voice over people on the globe.

40 Ways To Engage and Grow Your Audience

Today we have a special when one of our reviewees had a conflict. We thought we’d share 40 ideas on how you can engage and grow your audience. These include items such:

Create a Great First Impression

Make it Easy To Contact You

Go to where your audience is

Find other podcasts like yours and reach out.

You can get a free PDF with the whole list of 40 here.

The Gospel Light and Truth Hour (repost)

The Gospel Light and Truth Hour is the weekly podcast of the Gospel Light and Truth Crusade, and is hosted by “The Still Man,” Christian evangelist, writer, and GLTC founder, Anthony Keeton. By providing good, sound, Bible doctrine and good, sound, Bible teaching, The Gospel Light and Truth Hour helps you to make good, sound, biblical decisions for yourself and your family. You can check it out at thestillman.com and itunes

The Content

cover170x170The Good Stuff

The personal story with insights, and you were confident enough to potentially look stupid.

Nice real life examples backing up philosophies

Good scripture references, and well thought out.

You are not shy about sharing your opinions. People will either love you, or hate you.

Could Use the Tweaking

It took you 22 minutes to get to the bible. Some people looking for a bible study, may not wait that long.

You have a lot of points here, and they could use some focus. Come up with a main topic, and make sure all the sub points help explain the original topic. If you had to sum up this episode in one sentence, what would it be? It started off that bipolar is the same as schizo. Then Demons cause insanity. Then Generational curses. Then on to Alcolohics

The Gospel Light and Truth our clocked in at over way over an hour.

The website has a lot of menus. Maybe think about what people really want and tighten those up. For example have a menu labeled “contact” that expands into “prayer requests,” Email” etc.

Lots of titles – “These Lost Days” “The Still Man” “The Gospel Light & Truth Hour”

No itunes buttons, stitcher, etc on your website.

While m4a is not a huge deal, most people use mp3.

Inconsistent publishing.

This video may not be available in all contries

How to Review Yourself

Today we have no guest, so we talk about how you can review your own show:

1. Listen where your audience listens

2. Listen for half ideas (tangents)

3. What is the goal of your podcast? Make sure you have one before pressing record.

4. Listen for obvious mistakes. Pause for 10 seconds if you make a mistake so it makes it easy to edit out later

5. Pull out the oh wow moments

6. Delete any questions where your guest (interview) answered “No” and there was value

7. Pull out powerful words

8. Make sure you have detailed information in the show notes to drive traffic to your site.

9. Put some time between the time you record and the time you review your podcast to get a fresh perspective.

10. Subscribe to your show in iTunes, etc to make sure everything is working.

11. Find the surprise and delight moments

12.  Provide ONE call to action

13. Discover what was memorable in the episode (and do more of those)

14. Check your audio volume to make sure its consistent.

15. How did you include the audience in the show.



The Happiness Podcast

The Happiness Podcast is from Dr. Robert Puff who is a happiness expert, author, international speaker, clinical psychologist and TV Show host. You can find his show at www.happinesspodcast.org Here are our thoughts:


Dave on content
happiness_podcastThe energy level could be up a bit the music is a bit too relaxing. If you look at his iTunes reviews this is what people love about it. For me (opinion) I like a little more energy.
This was an interesting podcast as he talks about the gift of death, which seems weird, but it gets you thinking.
Think of tomorrow stops us from taking advantage of today.
I found them usic slightly distracting as it kept getting turned up when he paused. I would have it all one volume.

Erik on Content
I like the focus on the single topic
The music wasn’t distracting and fit the essence of the show
There was no real introduction or show set up.
The call to action was “if you want to learn more”, visit the website. He might want to answer the question, “What’s in it for me? What would I want to learn more about and why?”
Website :Dave
Your side bars are a little out of control – very long front page. This is especially true when you look at a single post.
When you go to a single epsiode there are no show notes, and the sidebars then look like a mistake
You need a media host. I prefer libsyn.com and blubrrycom (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month at either service).
Your ID3 tags are in need of help (your album is listed at Robert’s album)
Get the word happiness and the number to the end of your show title.
Look into getting a single page where people can buy you books (look into building an astore).

Erik on the  website
The books on the sidebar go on and on. Might just link to the bookstore page.
Show notes are minimal and lead with tags. Give me a reason to listen.
Happiness Podcast is listed on iTunes at #11 when I search for “happiness podcast”
Looks like popularity was solid in 2011 & 2012. After break, 2014 is fighting to get noticed. Get consistent.
Only 3 comments in 2014 on iTunes. What are you doing to get people involved?


A podcast to get you thinking delivered in a soothing fashion with one topic. Dr. Puff has tones of credibility and might want to spotlight that more in his show (explain who his is to new listeners). He needs to get on a media host for his files. His podcast is connecting with his listeners on iTunes and if he can keep it consistent it will rise the charts again and without a media host you will eventually run into a problem.

Check out the show at www.happinesspodcast.org

The Real Wealth Show

Kathy Fettke produces the Real Wealth Show to help people looking to invest in real estate by sharing tips and interviewing experts. Today Dave and Erik take a look at her show.

Dave on Content

real wealth showGood intro – quick and good intro/tease
Good job interrupting the guest to explain
100+ words in show notes
Nice call to action that is inline with your goals

Erik  on Content

Good, focused questions – You know your listener
Nice job interrupting the guest for clarification
Good examples of the numbers
Nice job with international elements

You know a lot … lead the guest
Guest audio was a little louder than host
How do you get more people in the tribe? Explain

Call to action not bad … only 2

Dave  and Erik on Website and Technology

Nice website. I’ve heard great things about the Avada theme
Nice clean look to it. Easy navigation to contact you.
Potentially explain the different between the network and the academy.
Need a real hosting company (libsyn.com or blubrry.com  – get a free month using the code sopfree)
Feedburner – not my favorite choice, but the link to iTunes is pointing toward feedburner.
Only ten episodes in feed. General Reading settings and adjust that to 25 or 50 so people can consume your back catalog.
Check into Levelator or Auphonic to level audio

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