Toastmasters 101

Toastmasters 101 is a podcast for those people looking to know more about Toastmasters. Think if it is a beginning course for toastmasters. Kim Krajci, is the host and she also does the (which for more advanced toastmasters)

Here are the things we liked

Toastmasters 101I like that what you’re reading is not in the show notes.

Liked real life example of leaning on one arm

I like that you showed your own struggles

Love the actionable items, like “take the role of the toastmaster of a meeting”

Love the production, gavel tap & “meeting adjourned”

I like the light heated Tease

Some Things That Need Tweaked

There is nothing wrong with reading your podcast unless it sounds like you're reading. Most of the time you can't tell, but you had a few glitches.

Where can I contact you or find more info? Where do I go from here? What if I am not in a Toastmasters group?

You mentioned the manual. Yet I can’t find a link to it.

Maybe change subscribe on spreaker to subscribe on Android.

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