The Real Wealth Show

by David Jackson on September 1, 2014

Kathy Fettke produces the Real Wealth Show to help people looking to invest in real estate by sharing tips and interviewing experts. Today Dave and Erik take a look at her show.

Dave on Content

real wealth showGood intro – quick and good intro/tease
Good job interrupting the guest to explain
100+ words in show notes
Nice call to action that is inline with your goals

Erik  on Content

Good, focused questions – You know your listener
Nice job interrupting the guest for clarification
Good examples of the numbers
Nice job with international elements

You know a lot … lead the guest
Guest audio was a little louder than host
How do you get more people in the tribe? Explain

Call to action not bad … only 2

Dave  and Erik on Website and Technology

Nice website. I’ve heard great things about the Avada theme
Nice clean look to it. Easy navigation to contact you.
Potentially explain the different between the network and the academy.
Need a real hosting company ( or  - get a free month using the code sopfree)
Feedburner – not my favorite choice, but the link to iTunes is pointing toward feedburner.
Only ten episodes in feed. General Reading settings and adjust that to 25 or 50 so people can consume your back catalog.
Check into Levelator or Auphonic to level audio

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The Coffee Couch

by David Jackson on July 29, 2014

Today we take a peak at Dan Hansen’s Coffee Couch a dedicated to “Creating Positive Social Change through Connectedness and Persistence”. IN this episode Dan explains what inspired him to get into podcasting and what his show is about. Here are some of the notes from the show:

Things That Are Going Well

coffeecouchSeems well planned and to the point.

Nice quote & story

Easily digestible piece & short form

Good job of putting book links in the show notes

Nice clean look at the website.

Things That Need Tweaked

The three points were a little confusing. Maybe making it more obvious when one ended and the next began.

The show setup seemed like buzzwords instead of really telling me what is coming.


Maybe just a touch more energy

The website needs an about page about the podcast & you .

Be sure to put subscription links

There is no album artwork in the ID3 tags. see mp3tag software

Find the Coffee Couch at:



Special Mouse Podcast

July 14, 2014

The Special Mouse podcast is about going to Disney Parks with someone who has special needs. It is a great example of a podcast that embraces its community, and how a small niche can be just as powerful as a giant audience on a broad topic. Full disclosure, Dave edit’s Kathy’s podcast so asking Dave […]

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast

July 7, 2014

The Short Time Wrestling Podcast covers the world of Wrestling (not the TV type). Jason Bryant comes on the show to see what he’s doing great, and identify items that may need some tweaking. Doing Well Doing a great job pulling stories out of guests Obvious show prep and really knowing your guest Great forum […]

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Under Ten Fitness

June 24, 2014

Today we talk about the Under ten Fitness (itunes link). This is a short podcast (under ten minutes – get it?) that has a little bit of news and the talks about something in the health and fitness area. Things They Are Doing Right: Nice job wrapping up the tip & delivering it to one […]

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Sci-Fi Movie Podcast

June 16, 2014

Dave and Erik talk with Rem from the Sci-Fi Movie podcast. This is a podcast for someone who is looking to Dig deeper into sci-fi movies. Here is What They Are Doing Right In this episode they talked about Aliens the sequel to the movie Alien. They do a good job of comparing all the movies […]

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Contractor’s Secret Weapon

June 2, 2014

The contractor’s secret weapon is a podcast to help contractors get more business. It is hosted by Dave Negri and Justin Jones. Today we have Dave on the show who explains how they record, and why they got into podcasting. Here are some of our thoughts: Good Stuff: Great use of personal stories to amplify […]

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Ministry Encouragement Podcast

May 19, 2014

The Ministry Encouragement podcast is to help encourage Christ Followers. It is hosted by Jim Hollis. Here is what we thought. The intro was nice. You might consider explaining a bit more what the podcast will be about. You need a pop filter You seemed a bit stiff (it almost sounded like you were reading […]

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Fast Pitch Radio

May 13, 2014

Fat Pitch Radio and TV is great a podcast put together by Gary Lealand. In the episode we listened to he pulled his community in by soliciting questions from his facebook group. His website looks great, and his audio is well done. The advertisements that he inserts into his show are entertaining and brief. When […]

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Catholic Travel Journal

May 5, 2014

Today Dave and Erik review the Catholic Travel Jounral. This podcast is “The weekly audio journal about our pilgrimage preparations. We publish a new show every Monday.” You can find them in iTunes The Good Stuff Good job of keeping things flowing, and sticking with theme (St pats). Good audio. Nice album artwork The way […]

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