Who Do We Blame for This?

by David Jackson on April 21, 2014

In today’s episode we find ourselves with no show to review (A slight scheduling snafu) so we talk about what to expect if you get your show reviewed.

Erik K. Johnson

Been on the radio for over 25 years

He’s been coaching radio hosts for 20 years

He hears podcasters making the same mistakes that Erik made when he first got into radio.

Dave Jackson

Been podcasting since 2005

Been in the Internet since the late 90′s

Check your website from top to bottom

Check your audio / video for levels, tagging.

Why are You Podcasting and Who is Your target Audience

One of the great things that the live format allows is we can understand the reasoning behind what you’re doing.

We love to help you identify your goals, and your audience.

Identify What You Do Right

Our goal is not to just beat you down, but to identify what you’re doing right (so you can do more of that).

We will point out those items that need tweaked. In some cases you think your content is coming across one way, and we heart it in a completely different light. They key to this is we provide constructive criticism.

More Content

You can find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com

You can find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com

Want to Get Reviewed?

We typically record these via Google Hangout On Air (with a live audience). As a fallback, we will use Skype if Hangouts is having a bad day.

We record at 8:30 EST on Thursday (so you will need to be available). If you’re not, let us know when you’re available (before ordering) and we’ll see if we can get our schedules to line up.

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Monkey Radio with Marc – Back For More

by David Jackson on April 13, 2014



Marc Raco and hosts discuss what’s wrong with the world, showcase new artists, and throw around pop culture, entertainment, food, news–everything’s on the menu!

There’s curmudgeon producer Elsie, inventive games, fun, interviews, guest jokes and much more in every one-hour episode—plus there’s always the infamous End of Show Food!

With more than 535,000 worldwide downloads/streams since releasing our first co-hosted episode October, 2012—and growing every day—everyone is becoming a monkey!

Monkey RadioDave’s Thoughts:

The Good Parts:

They have done a good job of changing their episodes names. 

I liked the dialog more than the forced funny.

You seem to do a good job of getting out of a topic once you hit it.- for the most part

Your website better, but still needs work

You have better titles than the last time.

Parts That Need Tweaked

Marc should invest in a dynamic microphone – its right at the point of annoying.

Lose the background music in the background ot get some without lyrics

Move the second intro closer to the beginning to help your momentum.

My complaints about Blog talk radio are not your fault. You are somewhat screwed, and moving away from them will be difficult if you want your audience to follow. (Blog talk radio messes up your ID3 tags, points to the wrong website, and hijacks your RSS feed).

Erik’s  Thoughts

The Good Parts

The details of the stories were solid.  They become genuinely funny when you are mentioning cartoons you watched or describing skiers collapsing.

Know what you hope to accomplish with the story.  Lead with an intriguing intro.  “My girlfriend called a help desk and I totally busted they guy with his bait-and-switch move.”  Then tell the story.

Parts That Could be Tweaked

Jokes tend to be predictable.  Name one president that wouldn’t be included in a Presidents Day Sale?  Nixon.  How about Vladamir Putin?  Somebody people don’t expect.  Funny is when you lead people where they think you should go and then do the unexpected.  Of course the sales call ended with “no”.  Where else could it end?

Live Show Replay


Engaging Life and Leadership

April 6, 2014

The Engaging Life and Leadership podcast is  Discussing relevant answers for Christian men AND women in leadership positions.  Easy to remember – Simple to apply. It is hosted by Darren Dake and Anita Brooks. You can find their website at www.engaginglifeandleadership.com This episode features the first appearance from Erik K. Johnson of Podcast Talent Coach Things […]

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One Word Go Show

February 16, 2014

This show will stick in my mind for a long time. It took a LOT of effort to get through this. I am not a prude. I laugh at comedians like Louie CK, Chris Rock, and Eddie Murphy (back in the day). I loved Sam Kinison. I laugh at South Park and the Family Guy. […]

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Seishindo Life Tools

January 13, 2014

Aside from the confusing name, this podcast starts off hot out of the gate and sucks you in with usable step by step advice on being a better person and handling life’s little problems. What They Are Doing Right They have GREAT titles for their episodes. They have good audio quality, and they get right […]

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Photo Biz Exposed – The Ultimate Portrait and Wedding Photography Business Podcast

December 30, 2013

Today we review the Photo Business Exposed Podcast (at photobizx.com) by  Andrew Hellmich. This is a podcast for people who are doing photography professionally and are looking to grow their business. The podcast has received a ton of 5 star reviews in iTunes and I was worried about reviewing it (as I appeared on an episode). Luckily, I […]

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Hilbilly Nerd Talk

December 13, 2013

Today we listen to Hillbilly Nerd Talk. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a pretty cool podcast that brings you news that you won’t hear in major news outlets. They are coming from the Appalachian mountains and they have southern accents but that’s where the hillbillyness (is that a word?) ends. Please note […]

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Triangle Tactical

October 21, 2013

Luke is a young man who has loves competitive shooting and his podcast features news for gun enthusiasts with a splash of politics. First Impression: Website Their WordPress theme is from Cyber Chimps and it was simple and easy to read with just a few touches of advertising. You have to click on a post […]

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You Suck At Weight Loss Meets You Suck at Recording

October 4, 2013

Today I  went searching for a podcast that didn’t have “celebrity” something that was truly independent. I found “Why you suck at weight loss.” The podcast had good album artwork, a title that sucked me in, a good description in itunes. So far so good. Their website was a little “spammy,” and by that I […]

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Machine Court

August 14, 2013

Today we review Machine court where machine’s judge humans. This is the second time we’ve reviewed a podcast that is just chock full of creativity, and “thinking outside the box.” I love the fact that its not another comedian interviewing comedians. It’s not a tech show about Macs. It’s not podcast reviewing movies. It’s original. […]

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