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Where are They Now? Adam Kinakin From Tactical Breakdown

When Adam Kinakin first came to us he was on episode 10. Fast forward he is now podcasting full time, being seen as an expert in his field, and helping people with online events, and podcasting

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Tactical Breakdown

The Tactical Breakdown podcast provides an in-depth look at the most current training, tactics, and technology used by today's top Law Enforcement, Military, and Security experts.

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Leadership Jam Session

Rob Fonte is the host of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, where every other week you'll get to hear leaders at all levels of management share their practical solutions to the management challenges you face every day. On this podcast, Rob shares leadership experiences with listeners by bringing in leaders from all different levels to “Jam” on a variety...

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Description Developing Resilient Leaders What We Liked About The Show Nice opening. Nice story. You get right to it. Lovely Dirty Harry Imitation The website looks amazing and very professional It's precise. You make your point and get out. What We Thought Needed Tweaking Dave thought this was close to being a performance it was...

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Code 3 – The Firefighters' Podcast

Description The weekly podcast for and about firefighters, “Code 3” covers topics of interest to those in the fire service, through interviews with those who know it best. From Chiefs to Probies, Engineers to Firefighters, and Paramedics to EMTs, award-winning journalist Scott Orr talks with them all. Show notes at Code3Podcast.com What We Liked About...

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Bullying, Life, and Stuff

Rhonda Orr is the president and founder of Rhonda's STOP BULLYING Foundation. On this podcast, she expands on the newspaper advice columns she writes with Dr. Cheri L. McDonald, "Dear Rhonda & Dr. Cheri.." Rhonda speaks directly to you, with real-world, actionable advice

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