2020 Astronomy This week we have a brave soul who has only two episodes and asked to get reviewed. In reality this makes sense. Why not start out on the right foot? So when I went to the 2020 Astro podcast website it wasn’t cluttered with much. There were only two episodes (three if you count their promo). I would be sure to add some subscription buttons. This includes an iTunes button that takes the listener right to iTunes. You should also have an RSS button for those who want to subscribe to your podcast using other systems. It’s never a bad idea to have have an email option which you can do for free using Feeburner.com

When I first went to the site, the files were m4a files. These are sometimes called “enhanced” podcasts as you can add pictures that change throughout the audio file. The cool thing about audio podcasts is you can multitask while you listen. If your podcast requires me to look at it, then make it a video. M4a files may not play one all players, and you then make it hard for your audience.

Later when I went to the site (after sending an email to Mike asking why he was using the format) he had was in the process of changing the files to mp3. There were only youtube videos. To this I have a tip. Anytime you put a link on youtube, be sure to include the http:// as it will be a live link, and the first link should be back to your website so people don’t have to click on the more button to you view your link.

This is recorded live in a pub, but also has segments that have been recorded in quieter settings. I didn’t find the pub noise a problem and added a sense of “you never know what might happen” to the podcast.

This podcast is exactly what it promises too people who love astronomy, and they share that passion. As someone who is not memorized by the planets the content didn’t do much for me, but you can hear their obvious passion. They did have some book reviews, and tips on tools for looking at the planets.

Good Stuff

I loved the flow of the show. I really liked how they transitioned into a prerecorded book review. It was also obvious that these two guys love astronomy. They do a good job of keeping things “newbie” friendly. Their audo quality was good. They had their ID3 tags down.

Room For Improvement

I would lose the m4a format and go with mp3. I liked that you’re using yourubte, but if the image isn’t going to change, then give us back our audio player on the website. The reason being I think the image is going to change, so I keep watching and nothing happens and it gets furstrating.

When you make a youtube video, be sure the first link is back to your website.

Get some subscription buttons on the website.

If you’re looking for feedback from your audience you’re going to have to ask.


This episode we featured a promo from the Weekly Web Tools podcast.

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