Description: You can get horror reviews anywhere but 2GuysTalking Horror gives you detailed, fan fact-filled reviews, along with the most important element that makes us love horror – WHY. Educate yourself with the dialog from host Nicholas J. Hearne and a growing number of guests hosts that help you understand all that is the horror genre in entertainment.

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What They Are Doing Great

  • Nice “table of contents” letting us know what was coming
  • Lots of great trivia
  • Great graphics for each episode
  • Great passion that comes through the show
  • Great descriptions of the actors
  • Great show notes
  • Great Production
  • Not afraid to share your honest opinion

What Might Be Done Better

  • Dave thinks the housekeeping needs moved to the end of the show (or at least not at the beginning (nobody cares about how the sausage was made)
  • Three minutes of commercials seems a bit much (break them up throughout the show)
  • The easter egg at the end was “meh” and the amount of silence was too long.
  • The subscribe buttons are lost in a sea of text on your show notes
  • Is it worth cussing in your show?
  • Use your names more often so we can keep track of who is who

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