3H2 Humans

Today Eric and Dave review 3H2 Humans which according to their website a 3Hs Human is:

The name 3H2 HUMANS is a shorthand, mathematical way to express 3H x 2 = 6H. Hungry Horse Humans, Health Happiness Humble are the 6 H’s. In plain English, three H times two equals 6H. Hence, 3H2. (This is the 3H2 part)

3H2 HUMANS are people with a conscious focus on improvement towards Health, Happiness and a Humble Perspective. Hungry Horse Humans evokes a positive approach towards trial and error. Interested in becoming a 3H2 HUMAN? Come join the adventure…. (This is the Human part)

3h2 HumansThe Good

Lynnardo is very passionate about her subject. She seems to be having fun.

Things That Could Be Worked On

Your intro has distortion.

Both Eric and I had to constantly think hard as to what you were saying. We were lost in Jargon.

There was a lot of information, and if there was a theme, you might've wanted to stress it more

Your ID3 tags are missing

Dave would've preferred you make a point and go deep instead of reading the list, going point by point, then reading the list again.

Your nervous laugh at times made us feel like outsiders as we didn't get the joke.

There was no call to action.

Find out More

Website http://3h2humans.org/podcasts/

2 comments on “3H2 Humans
  1. Glenn Hebert says:

    Wow, I don’t know what to say. Other than I feel like I never have any cognitive thoughts.

  2. Nice one, Glenn! I am still in the middle of the episode and was curious if the original podcaster made any comments. It does now look like she put out an episode defining all her terms: http://3h2humans.org/2016/11/09/s2e5-10l-3h2-humans-jargon/
    She does the “10L” list as her jargon list but downs have the definitions in her written post.

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