A Time For Horses

Today Dave and Erik take a listen to a Time For Horses hosted by Abby Nemec

What She is Doing Correctly

You did a good job of explaining what these were and who would like them.

Solid intro – great details in the stories

Interesting mix of facts and opinions

Great NPR style

Nice graphics and simple website

What We Would've Appreciated Seeing

Dave was impatient to getting to the horse

Horses in Asia seemed like a murder mystery trying to figure out what kind of horse it was. You did a great job of me understanding the soliders, and then somewhat left the story.

41:55 you finally start talking about what the horse was doing (transport).Great insights into how Horses look before leaving, and bomb proof.

Sometimes got lost in the details, start with the end in mind.

Check out a Time For Horses

Website: http://www.atimeforhorses.com/



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