Today I’m referring the Hayseed Report. You can find them at

The HaySeed ReportFirst impression of the site: How do I listen to the podcast? There isn’t a player in site. I can subscribe via iTunes, I can listen in stitcher, and there isn’t a single player… wait, or there it is sandwiched between the tons of social media links is a download this file link.  – This could be better.

Second Impression: Their album art is so big it doesn’t fit on my screen. The album art you put into your media is typically 300X300 or 600X600. This is not to be confused with the album art that iTunes uses which is 1400X1400

Third Impression: I get to some pre-roll. No biggie. I can stomach it. Then I get to listen to some classic rock music, finally at the 2:10 mark the host makes an appearance. At the three minute mark I still have no idea what the podcast is. With a name like “Hayseed” I tend to think this is a farming podcast. Something to do with agriculture. Possibly allergies?

I go to their website and see that this is a podcast to talk about anything. I have one of these myself, but admittedly it is my least popular podcast. One of the powers of podcasting is reaching a niche, so far it sounds like there isn’t one on this podcast. I keep listening.

I listened to episode 34 “Porn, Kimberland, and a Green Meltdown” as I Porn is something I have strong opinions on. He stats talking about a new show. He talks about some political stories. I’m listening to see if he is more liberal or conservative. He discusses hustler magazine and a publicity stunt they pulled. It’s an interesting story as Larry Flint (Hustler magazine editor) is again pushing the limits.

While this show started slow, I’ve forgotten the intro, etc and I am now active listening at the 9:34 mark. I like his casual talkative style. He clues me in on some interesting stories concerning Barbara Steisand and a terrorist. He gets into Global Warming and really lets his opinions fly. Cool. You will now either love him or hate him. I like it.

His website has links to his stories if you want to read more about what he is mentioning on his podcast.

He ends his podcast with music that seems to have no purpose except to put space between the end of his podcast and a plug for his website.

Things I Liked:

I liked the conversational tone of the host. It sounded like he was just talking to a friend.

I liked that I was getting information that I hadn’t heard about on any other news source.

I like that he seemed, um, pretty “Fair and balance” and just stuck to the facts most of the time.

I like that he had links to the stories he discussed if I wanted more information.

Things That I would Work On

I would add two pages to your website. An “About” page, and a “Contact” page.

You have podcast promos listed on your website, but there is no link to download them.

Remove the social networking icons from the post areas. You already have them in the upper right hand corner. Those are very easy to see. If somone wants to connect with you on those network, they know where to go.

Your download link is lost in a sea of icon.

I would make your player oober obvious and see if there is a way to not have it cut off. It makes it look broken. Maybe use the “Play now” button option. Use that button on individual epsiode as well.

As you are knew to podcast (34 episodes ish) I would consider (unless there is a reason I’m unaware of) of dumping Joomla and Going with WordPress.

I would register the domain name hayseedreport.comI would change the album art inside the mp3 (not the one used for the iTunes store) to 300X300 or 600X600. Windows media player butchered it. It was like squeezing an elephant into a smart car.

The music at the begining was annoying. If you want to play music on your podcast, I understand. But I haven’t connected with you, I have no idea what your podcast is about, and you are playing music I don’t like. If I wasn’t reviewing it, I would’ve tuned out. Start off with the new listener in mind, and come up with an explanation of what the podcast is (so they don’t have to figure it out). Then maybe play some music. Keep in mind, playing liscensed music is illegal without the permission of the song writer, recording artist, and record label.

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