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Corporate access and investing insights for the value investor. Investing with the Buyside is a podcast that was founded on the idea that all investors should have the opportunity to hear management teams from public companies talk about their companies, industry outlook, capital allocation philosophy, and their perspective on the valuation of their company stock. The goal of the IwtB Podcast is to provide one management interview per week and our hope is that we can help investors achieve superior investment returns by highlighting interesting investment opportunities.

What Was Working

I like the intro, and it gives me the “Why” and how this show is a benefit. Solid open – give the average investor the inside info the pro has.

Smart to put the disclaimer after the open. Get me in first.

There was a strong education slant on the opening. Normally I would get bored, but as you kept explaining why it kept me engaged. I liked the “don’t worry about the acronyms”

Except for the opening question I thought the questions were good. They are questions a shareholder would want to ask. I almost think shareholder should be in the name of the podcast I’m not sure IWTB works for me.

Good job of balancing information without getting into legal issues

What Needed Work

It did take a while to get to the interview

“I’ll leave it at that” is not a good sales pitch.

“If you listened to the episode with NRG’s Kirk Andrews …” Give me the episode #

Reading is very “newsy”. Add some dynamics to your inflection. Paint the picture.

Interview finally starts at 10:20.

“Tell me about your background” We just spent 10 minutes in set up. Couldn’t we find a stronger question to start?

To sound less like an infomercial for this stock, give me more hard hitting questions

Need singular call-to-action. Not sure donations from investing people will create a windfall.

Summarize it at the end. What can I do with this info as an investor? What should I think about?

The Website Needs Lots of Work

Menus go away when you shrink the page

Dark text on a dark background

Not sure what you do – how do you make money?

Pop up pops constantly

No show notes. You are seriously missing out on Google Juice, and there is no way to share your show.

Your background image loads in chunks. This means you need to optimize it for the web. Web browsers only notice things up to 90 dpi and you can compress these files to load faster.

Your patreon page has no rewards. This is very Jennifer Briney of Congressional Dish, but Jen has been podcasting for years.

Sponsors: If you are looking for sponsors, save your time and make a media kit. Fill it with demographic data, download data, and get stats about podcasting from Edison Research. This is the information any sponsor is going to ask for.

Link to spotify should be to your show, not so they can search.

Investing With the Buyside


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