The_Computer_TutorToday we review the computer tutor podcast. This is a NEW podcast that features helpful tips on all things computer. The episode I listened to was episode 3 which really took me back as host Scott Johnson recalled the days of dial up. The tip I learned was how to read an Internet article that makes me go to page 2, 3, 4 etc (I find these on a lot of health sites).

In the episode he goes in depth on the WHY websites do this (dial up, and ramping up page views). The cool thing is just about the time I was thinking, “OK tell me the secret” Scott did. This was a very useful tool for me (especially for those people who like to skim articles).

Scott has a pleasant voice, and the show covers one topic which will make it easier for this audience to find those topics later. When you have multiple topics in one podcast, it can be hard for the audience to find “topic 2 of 3.” It can also make it challenging when it comes to making headlines for your show.

The Computer Tutor Website

Scott’s website is clean and easy to navigate. I originally missed the iTunes button as the button kind of blends in with the background image. All of his episodes are one click away. He has a nice mixture of content, sponsors, and testimonials. He does a nice little call to action at the end of his show, and mentions that you can get more tips via his email list, and he can do computer support remotely.

Things That Could Be Tweaked

Missing Album ArtFULL DISCLOSURE: I know Scott as he is a member of the School of Podcasting, but I think you know that I would tell it straight.

I thought it was the headphones I was listening to when I first heard his podcast, but when I put on my “main” headphones at home I noticed that Scott’s intro seems to have a lack of bass to the music. It has an almost AM quality. This again was not a huge thing, and it wasn’t so bad that it made me want to tune out. It did make me adjust my headphones as I thought they may have been offset on my head.

The other thing I noticed is that there is no album art when I played it in Windows Media player (which displays the boring music note when there is no album art).

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