I went looking for a new podcast about WordPress, Internet Marketing, etc. I went to iTunes and entered the Word “WordPress” and after stepping over many podcasts that had “Podfaded,” I listened to Your Website Engineer. The show is hosted by Dustin Hartzler who also has a blog with website tips, and a business designing websites (using wordpress). Dustin Hartzler is an expert who teaches individuals and small businesses how to create their own fame and claim their brand online by social media and other online tricks. He focuses on improving your business’s web presence.

Your Website EngineerWebsite:

The website is super neat and organized. Dustin has done a great job of having a new listener be one click away from listening. He has all of his social media icons near the top of the page, and he is obviously building a email list with his podcast.He has great titles that sucked me into listening.


His audio sounds good. In the episode I listened to he had a guest who might have been further away from her mic than she should’e been (but you can’t control everyone, and in the end she was fine).

Production and Pace:

Dustin has a nice voice, and his intro lets you know exactly what to expect. He quickly gets to the interview and keeps things in a nice casual atmosphere.


Recording Could be LouderThe Good stuff: Dustin keeps the podcast moving, and doesn’t deviate from his title. He is always on topic. His website is neat, and easy to navigate. His content was good, and I learned a thing or two. He is using Libsyn for his hosting, so he has that correct as well. Being a geek myself, Dusting just got a new subscriber.

Things That Need Tweaked: In my opinion I would fix your album art in your audio files to display (my guess is you are using iTunes – which doesn’t translate well into Windows Media player). Your audio sounded good, but you have a lot of room to boost your overall signal without fearing that you will distort. It also seems that you are using the podcast and the website to eventually  promote your web design service. You’ve done such a good job of not turning the podcast into a giant commercial, that I say you’ve gone too far the other way. You barely mention your website for the podcast, or for your services. You also don’t mention how to contact you (unless I missed it, and maybe being an interview in this episode you skipped that part this time). Also while you’ve made it easy to listen, you might look into having a “player” that will play multiple episodes (so people can click on it and just let it go). Lastly when naming your file, you might want to add something there in the file name to brand your file (for example YWE065 might identify the file is Your Website Engineer before I even listen to it).

For more information check out yourwebsiteengineer.com

Or listen to it using this player


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