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YWAM PodcastThe YWAM Podcast is a place for you to find out more about what is happening around Youth With A Mission in these three areas. We talk about upcoming training opportunities, evangelism opportunities and ways that you can be involved in showing God’s love in practical ways.


The website is very white. They say the easiest site to read is black text on a white background. Its very easy to navigate, and you can easily contact them if needed. The only thing I would recommend would be putting buttons to subscribe in iTunes and a standard RSS button. Check out this video to see how.

As the website is so incredibly white, I might play with adding a background color to the website. Keep the posts white, but change the background color to something that's not white (maybe off white, gray, etc if you want to stick with the black/white theme).

Audio Quality

The audio quality was fine as much of it he had no control over (as he played clips or videos that he did not create). Bill did do a good job of making sure the volumes were even so when he started a video clip it didn't blast my head off, or make me reach for the volume knob to turn up. His ID3 tags were included, and everything was fine.

Personal and Informative

Bill talk about his personal experience in this organization. It tied in and added a nice personal touch. It became more of a conversation than a news show. Many podcasters throw in personal stories that have nothing to do with what they are talking about, but Bill used his personal story because it DID tie in with his podcast.

A Great Example of How Organizations to Keep their Chapters Up to Date

If you have an organization and you want to keep them up to date, as well as use as a promotional tool – this is a great example. In addition to keeping people up to date, the podcast also included a music spotlight (which goes with knowing the audience and what they would enjoy).

Things Done Well:

1. Great job taking multiple clips and making sure the volumes are even.

2. Making finding the content on the website easy (with things like )

3. Extensive show notes that leave no questions for visitors.

Things I was Confused On

It took me a few glances to figure out where the links to subscribe in iTunes were located. Also you mentioned dts (some sort of training that people do right after high school). I don't know what DTS stands for (even though you did say it a few times). While this is “jargon” to people outside of your target audience, this probably was a second hand comment to anyone who is involved with YAWM.


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3 comments on “Youth With a Mission
  1. Thank you very much Dave for your feedback about the podcast. I have made some changes to the web-site based on your feedback, including adding Daniel J Lewis’s plugin for a large iTunes link in the sidebar, removing the ads that were on the side for Audible and the books, and added the Stitcher player to the sidebar. I also darkened the background somewhat so that it wasn’t so “white”…

    In regards to the Stitcher player in the sidebar I notice that you use a link to a podtrac player rather than an embeded player, I’m wondering what your thoughts were in regards to an embeded player vs a link to a player in a new window?

    Thanks again Dave, your feedback was very valuable.

  2. David Jackson says:

    My favorite player is from blubrry. It opens in a new window (great for people who listen at work, as it goes from one episode to the next). The blubrry player has all my links and show notes. That works for me, as I have most of my shows listed on their network (even if I don’t use their hosting). The reason I have a podtrac player is I can make a player for anyone’s podcast if I know their rss feed by going to the reason I use a podtrac player here is it matches all the other players on the site. Same thing with stitcher, I can make a player for my podcasts, but not others.

    Podtrac on occastion (every other, other month) will have a day where it loads slow (and can hold up your site). This is usually fixed quickly.

    There are a ton of people who listen at work. If the player does not open in a new window, the minute they hit the back button or go to google they lose the show. Libsyn has an “ok” player as well, but its too big to fit in a sidebar, and it barely shows any show notes.

  3. Thanks Dave, that’s some great insight. I have replaced the Stitcher embedded player with the linked one from blubrry, which is a great player for the reasons you stated.

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