Curious Goods

Today we look at Curious Goods a show that takes a deep dive in the Friday the 13th television series and looks at the storytelling aspects and other areas that made this a great show. Audio Player at the bottom of the page

The Stuff We Liked

  • We enjoyed the sarcasm and entertainment as you did the re-enactment of the episode
  • The ads were well done and to the point
  • The show is a very unique mix of story writing clinic and very old television series
  • Nice production
  • The female voiceover at the start of the show
  • Nice job of mentioning other shows and cross-promotion without being too spammy.
  • Good call to action “What was your curious good from this episode?”
  • Stopping the music let the audience know we've moved to a new section

The Items that Need to be Polished

  • Dave found the intro confusing. Erik would've liked a bit of a table of contents.
  • Explain what a curious good is sooner (you did a great job at the 35-minute mark)
  • Try to talk to one person and avoid group speak
  • Dave felt the background music got too loud at times
  • Identify yourselves sooner (but no need to say “I'm your host)
  • Add some credentials – why am I listening to you?
  • You guys agree on everything. Maybe find some different points of view.
  • The commercials break was very long. Possibly break these up into smaller chunks
  • Didn't get to the content until 7 minutes in and Dave thought this was too long
  • The easter egg at the end didn't deliver much value and the space between the end of the show and the easter egg is VERY long.

The Website

  • The site is cluttered and hard to navigate
  • Needs a style guide
  • iTunes link goes to the wrong show (and your subscribe buttons are lost in the clutter)
  • The Curious Goods show is missing on your show page.
  • The tag cloud ads no value to the visitor. See if you can move it down the page.
  • There is a lot of material for your business. There is more than enough advertising on each page.
  • Convocation is a very fancy word.
  • The logos have a nice theme that is followed in each logo.

Check out Curious Goods


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