No Free Drinks

Description from iTunes:
Not your ordinary dating advice podcast. Relationships, love, sex, and more included.
We all know that when it comes to dating, relationships, and sex things aren't always simple. But No Free Drinks believes that by leaving behind the games and having healthy debate we can all move closer to simple when it comes to matters of the heart and flesh. Our philosophy at the No Free Drinks podcast is simple: no topic is off limits and we never hold back. Brace yourself and be prepared to leave that dating baggage behind

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What They Are Doing Good:

  • The introduction warns people about content, and then waste no time letting people know what there is a disclaimer.
  • I LOVED the way you introduced the hosts. Quick, said their name and moved on.
  • You showed that you put in some into your topic and it wasn't just a bunch of people sitting around a table shooting the breeze.
  • The way you used the quiz. It made it educational and fun.
  • They way you reintroduced of each at the end with roles
  • It was informative and entertaining at the same time. Lots of laughs and learned something. eeding a disposable bed, and having sex in the garden so the squirter can help water the plants.
  • All in all good audio quality
  • Thanks for coming. Hope it was good for you” was clever.


Things That Can Be Improved

  • The intro was 1:26 and felt like it. I liked the samples of each host to define their role and character. However, the samples could be much shorter.
  • Wesley also shouldn’t voice the intro. Find a different voice, so each host stands out.
  • At the beginning, it felt like Wesley was cussing just to cuss. Didn’t sound natural.
  • Lots of “business” at the end of the show – Tune in next time, let us know what you think with the contact form on the website, subscribe, rate us and leave us a review, follow us on Instagram, find the connecting link on the website. Potentially consolidate those into a contact page and subscribe page
  • Use your names more during the show to help everyone remember who is who.
  • Music at the end was pointless. Use as a bed and then fade out as you are closing the show.
  • Your website is using a LOT of real estate for images that make the show look alcohol-focused. Put a plyer and subscribe buttons on the front page so people don't need to look for the show. Also, the only form of feedback you have is through the contact form. You might consider turning on comments for the post and/or get a call in voicemail at
  • The recipes were kind of confusing. You could use those as a lead magnet for those who sign up for the newsletter.
  • Your subscribe buttons didn't appear properly when using chrome.

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Please note we had some technical issues and Erik's mic was a little distorted at the beginning.

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